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Venice, Italy in 6 Hours

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

For many, Venezia is a travel bucket list icon, and for good reason, but in order to do Venice the right way, try avoiding the same mistakes everyone else does. My last trip to Venezia was only about 6 hours, so it's 100% doable. Here's how:

When to Go

DO: Go in late May, when it's warm, but not overwhelming crowded yet, or for a different experience, but equally beautiful, go in February to see the snow.

DON'T: Go in June, July or August - it's almost a waste of time.

How long to stay

DO: Take a day trip! It's my favorite way to experience the town because you don't have to worry about dragging luggage around the already crumbling, narrow sidewalks.

DON'T: Spend any more than one (or MAX) two nights - there is so much beauty in Italia, don't waste your time on a city you can see the majority of in a day.

What to see

DO: See La Basilica + Piazza di San Marco. This is, hands down, my favorite part about Venezia (as I'm sure it is to many others). When you arrive in Venezia, it's on almost the opposite side of the city, but don't be alarmed, the whole town is completely walkable.

If you have time, I would also recommend a short boat ride over to Burano: the smaller, more brightly colored version of Venezia known for glass blowing.

DON'T: See the Hard Rock Cafe. I still don't know why, but all my Italian friends LOVED it. Don't let them convince you!

What to eat

DO: Eat seafood risotto or seafood pasta! After that, have some nutella or crema di doge gelato. Doge actually means the chief magistrate of Venice or Genoa, so their signature gelato flavor is, of course, crema di doge, which is usually a creamy chocolate orange flavor!

DON'T: Waste your time on cacio e pepe or other classic Italian dishes - go to the cities they originated in. Also don't waste your time with the fruit, it's so much better in the south.

What to do

DO: Grab a canal-side table for appertivo - everywhere is more expensive on the water, but the view is worth it. If you're eating too, ask for the table ON the water; they won't give it to you if you're only drinking.

DON'T: Let the gondola drivers rip you off. These rides are NOT cheap, but you can negotiate a little (it helps if you speak Italian, but don't try to if you can't). The cheapest hour-long ride I've ever gotten was €60, but most guys won't let you go under €80 easily.


God created such a beautiful world, it would be a shame not to explore, preserve + appreciate it.

Explore: the wavering + narrow streets of Venezia - get lost in this beautiful city of water God created.

Preserve: the water! Be cautious of liter on the streets, Venezia often floods and takes with it, the trash we leave behind.

Appreciate: The Basilica di San Marco. Often called Chiesa d'Oro (Church of Gold), this church is known for breath-taking views the moment you discover it and, again, when you walk inside.

Have you been to Venezia? Share your experiences below!

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