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Hey, I'm Anna + this is my travel blog.

I've always loved lemons.

Since I was a little girl, I would pick (and eat raw) the giant lemons off the trees in southern Italy. I visited my grandparents there often, and no trip was ever complete without at least passing by a farm of lemon trees. There's something about them, even the tennis-ball-sized ones in American supermarkets, that reminds me of traveling—perhaps it's simply me reminiscing our love-at-first-sight encounter in Europe. ​

I thrive in trip-planning—it truly gives me energy. But I'm also not afraid to get lost in Venezia, wander aimlessly in Milan until I stumble upon a gelato festival, hike Joshua Tree even in 120 degree weather simply because I'm nearby, wait in a two-hour line for the best ramen I've ever had in San Francisco or climb 3,500 ft for an indescribable view of Lucerne (+ bowl of Swiss mac & cheese).

So this is my blog where I attempt to turn every lemon into lemonade—every all-nighter planning session into an unforgettable travel excursion. It's for me to document some of my most cherished experiences and share my love for God's creation. 

Whether I'm flying confirmed or standby, I've always had this affinity (and knack) for packing in as much as possible in 24, 48 and 72-hour trips. And that's exactly what this blog is full of—quick trip travel guides!

God created such a beautiful world, it would be a shame not to explore, preserve + appreciate it.

Anna Cappelli

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