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Nashville in 48 Hours

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

You only have 48 hours in one of the most lively cities in the U.S., so let's cut to the chase!


  • Peg Leg Porker - You simply cannot come to the south without Barbecue—it's an unwritten rule. Lucky for you, there's a ton of options in Nashville: Edley's, Jack's, and, of course, the Peg Leg Porker. Located in the Gulch area, this restaurant is in a great location, and for under $10, you can get one of their awesome entrees and two sides.

It's recently come to my attention that not everyone cooks their green beans in bacon—why? I'll never know. So I will always recommend the southern green beans.
  • Acme Radio Live - If you're hoping to grab a bite near all the action, Acme is a great option. It's a bar and restaurant all-in-one with amazing live music almost always playing—right on Broadway. They make their Nashville hot chicken sandwiches on Texas toast, and their southern green beans are spicy—if you love some heat, this is a 10/10 recommendation.

  • Biscuit Love - Back in the Gulch area, Biscuit Love is easily recognizable by the line that wraps around the sidewalk. Don't worry though, it goes by quick, and once you're inside, you order, they seat you and, before you know it, your food is on the table. My recommendation is the Princess Biscuit, which, if you couldn't guess by now, has hot chicken on it.

  • The Stillery - Located right behind Broadway, The Stillery has great food and fun, mason jar cocktails. If you head to the second floor you can usually catch some live music as well! Don't forget to order some fried pickles to start.

  • Milk & Honey - Another brunch classic in the Gulch area, Milk & Honey has an amazing coffee shop inside the restaurant, and a menu that won't disappoint.


Though several to choose from on Broadway, Jason Aldean's Bar is, hands down, my absolute favorite. There's almost always a line, and it's almost always worth it. Tin Roof is another great one, with about four different stages in the bar, every floor is playing a different genre of music. If you're looking for a great rooftop view, I recommend The Valentine.

I always say, if you see a line, get in it.


  • The Well Coffee - I, unfortunately, have not been to nearly as many coffee shops in Nashville as I wish I had, but Well Coffee is definitely one of my favorites. Not only have they mastered the craft for coffee, but their mission to is fund wells in Africa. This spot is a couple blocks from Broadway, and it won't disappoint.

  • Killebrew Coffee - Located in the Gulch area, Killebrew is inside the Thompson Hotel lobby. This coffee shop has tons of options, but if you're looking for something truly unique, you have to try the Nashville Hot Latte. It's like a spicy chocolate coffee, and while it's not for everyone, it was definitely for me.

Other Fun Activities

  • Pins Mechanical - This is basically a giant warehouse turned into an adult arcade/bowling alley/bar/literally everything else and is still somehow very family-friendly. Pins Mechanical serves an extensive draft beer list but also have an amazing craft cocktail menu (see the colorful drink photo for reference).

  • Bobby Hotel Rooftop Bar - Though we didn't stay at the Bobby Hotel, we did spend a few hours on their rooftop, which had igloos, a pool and an old RV turned into a sitting area. The bar at the top also served an amazing peanut butter stout.

  • Nashville Murals - Nashville's murals are scattered across the town, but some of the more famous ones (like #WhatLiftsYou) are concentrated in the Gulch area.


God created such a beautiful world, it would be a shame not to explore, preserve + appreciate it.

Explore: Broadway, Centennial Park & the Parthenon and the Nashville Murals.

Preserve: the streets! Especially on a street like Broadway, where everything gets thrown, try to remember that this city is still a beautiful creation, and if want the next generation to be able to appreciate it, we should preserve it the best we can.

Appreciate: the music. This town was built on, and is still renowned for, their musical talents—even if you're not a country or rock music fan, try to appreciate the town's love for it.

Have you been to Nashville? Share your experiences below!

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