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Copenhagen in 72 Hours

Updated: Apr 13

Even with the dreary October weather, Copenhagen was a joy (though I wouldn't recommend going any later than October if you want to do many outdoor activities). Copenhagen is just as much about the food as it is the art, architecture and everything else you go to Europe for, not to mention, it's home to some of the best restaurants in the world—it's not to be missed so here are my best places to eat and best things to do in Copenhagen!

Best places to eat in Copenhagen

  • Høst—This is a must. Copenhagen is home to some pretty tasty but pretty expensive dining options—The five-course meal at Host (without the wine pairing) came out to $7s USD a person, which is extremely sensible for a tasting menu, and the food was amazing! They came out with a few complimentary snacks in between courses as well, but I definitely recommend adding this to your agenda.

  • Vækst—This is a must. Anywhere that has a greenhouse in the middle of the restaurant is somewhere worth visiting, but to also have a tasting menu + wine pairing at $94 in Copenhagen is even more exciting. I also highly recommend adding this to your list—especially if you're visiting for a special occasion.

  • Andersen & Mailard—This is a huge favorite in Copenhagen, and let me tell you, these croissants are not to be missed. If you want the famous square croissants though, you're going to have to go early.

  • Tovehallerne Market—This food hall/market makes for the perfect lunch spot, and when I found a stand that made a bunch of different kinds of what looks like a Danish bruschetta, I knew I had to order a couple—it was the right decision.

  • Ruby—You must stop here before dinner one evening (or even after)—the drinks are truly next-level with such unique combinations.

Best things to do in Coepnhagen

  • Nyhavn—The one and only—this is where you get your quintessential Copenhagen photo, but to really make the most out of your adventure, I recommend sitting at one of the cafes (whichever one you can get a seat closest to the water) and enjoy a coffee, wine, hot chocolate (whatever your heart desires) as you watch the people go by—it would bevery European of you.

  • Kastellet—Basically, windmill park. If you want to go see the statue of the little mermaid, you'll have to pass by anyways so I seriously recommend allotting a bit of extra time to spend here because it is so refreshing to just sit in.

  • Den Lille Havfrue—"The Little Mermaid"—as the name suggests, she's very little. BUT very beautiful to see along the water! Many Copenhagen boat tours will also pass by her, and you can view her that way.

  • Rundetaarn—This was actually the place I thought yielded some of the coolest photos while I was in Copenhagen. It literally means "round tower," and the walk up is beautiful. Plus, the views at the top are even more gorgeous.

  • Tivoli Gardens—The world's first amusement park is a must—I'm not sure you need to spend the whole day here, but if you're here around any holiday, they will decorate the place to the nines—everything from the entrance to the hotdog toppings. I will note, many of the rides are very "spinny" so if that's not your speed, you can get a ticket that doesn't include riding rides so you can still experience everything else the park has to offer!

  • The Danish Opera—Ah, the opera. European operas hit different, and The Magic Flute did not disappoint. Despite the late start time and how tired I was, I was wide-awake the whole time because how electric this performance was.

Have you been to Copenhagen? Comment your experience below!

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