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Montreal in 48 Hours

Like France, but make it cleaner and filled with people that don't mind speaking English—that's Montreal. Plus, the food is amazing, the drinks are creative and the architecture is powerful. Not to mention, it's very close the the U.S. border and super easy to drive in and out of as a U.S. citizen. My experience with Montreal was shorter than I would've liked, mainly because we were in town for a wedding—my boyfriend and I had a cousin's wedding in upstate New York (like so far upstate that it was, quite literally, easier to fly into Montreal than it was New York) and ended up bookending the wedding with stop in Montreal before and after.

Best restaurants in Montreal, Quebec

  • Crew Collective & Cafe—I couldn't have found the more perfect place to work remote for the day—Crew Collective is an old bank turned coffee shop and working space with fabulous coffee, pastries and atmosphere. Working or not, it's a great stop to make for a cup of joe and stellar picture.

  • Schwartz—I'm going to be honest, I almost didn't go just because of how popular it was—I was super fearful it would be overrated and not worth the trek to that part of town, but I'm glad I listened to everyone and went because there is a reason Schwartz is so good. There are easier things to come by in this world than a good pastrami sandwich, so when you find a gem like this, you tell everyone.

  • Montreal Plaza—What a wacky, unique, eclectic and fun meal—I highly recommend the tasting menu at Montreal Plaza, and you'll want to come very hungry because I wasn't able to finish a couple amazing dishes. Don't forget make a reservations before hand!

  • Olive et Gourmando—This cinnamon roll is next level, but if you want a sit-down breakfast at Olive et Gourmando, than you need to come on the earlier side or be OK with waiting a couple hours.

  • Tittle Tattle Bar—This is a must-stop if you're looking for a crafty, edgy cocktail. Located right on Rue Saint-Paul, Tittle Tattle Bar is the product of Loyd's (from Netflix's Drink Masters) insane and brilliant brain, and it shouldn't be missed—I mean, my drink came with cereal.

  • Drogheria Fine—Not your average pasta stop, Drogheria Fine is, quite literally, a hole-in-the-wall. I'll preface that the sauce is not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it and for $5 a to-go box of gnocchi, it's pretty hard to at least try.

  • Hotel Monville—I loved Hotel Monville; It was centrally located, had a great view, amazing rooftop, cute restaurant/bar and even robots that delivered things to the hotel rooms.

Have you been to Montreal? Share your experience in the comments below!
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Oleg Shak
Dec 14, 2023

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