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Buffalo in 24 Hours

We recently made our way WAY up North for a wedding, and I honestly wish I had a little more time to explore Buffalo because it ended up being so quaint. Thankfully, we went just at the perfect time, early October, right before the weather gets horribly painful but late enough in the year to experience the crisp cool air, apple cider donuts and dirty chai lattes. Keep reading for the best things to do in Buffalo, New York.

Best things to do in Buffalo, New York

  • Mayer Bros Cider Mill—Though more of a seasonal activity, I feel like it's impossible to visit the Northeast in the fall and not get apple cider. We visited Mayer Bros in early October, so apple season was in full bloom, and we complimented the trip with apple cider slushies and apple cider donuts (and of course, some apple muffin mix to bring home).

  • Niagara Wine Trail—This, by no means, compares to the vineyard of Napa Valley or Italy, but if you're in the area, it's a super fun activity!

    • A Gust of Sun Winery—4 tastings for $6 | This one had a super cute outdoor area that you could take your tasting selection out to enjoy!

    • Honeymoon Trail Winery—4 tastings for $6 | Though overall my least favorite of the vineyards we visited, I did find their mulled wine quite nice!

    • Niagara Landing Wine Cellar—6 tastings for $6 | This was definitely the best bang for your buck and had some of the better wines of the day. They also had rather unique wines like spicy pepper and amaretto.

  • Overwinter CoffeeOverwinter has a couple locations, but we visited the spot in downtown, and let me tell you, they served me fall magic in a cup. It was a cider chai special, and at first, I questioned the combination of two such powerful classics becoming one, but then I let it happen, and I'm glad I did.

  • The Intersection Cafe—Another great coffee shop in downtown Buffalo, The Intersection Cafe is a hole-in-the-wall, but they made me one of the best oat milk dirty chai latte I've had.

  • Anchor Bar—I know, I know; It might not be the best Buffalo chicken wings in Buffalo, but they are pretty dang good, and they're a classic. If you driving around with a hankering for some wings, I definitely recommend making a pit stop at Anchor Bar.

Best place to stay in Buffalo, New York

  • Mansion on Delaware—Essentially a bed & breakfast, the Mansion on Delaware made for a perfect stay in downtown Buffalo, and contrary to what you might think of a "mansion," it was quite affordable. Stays can range from $160-$250 depending on when you stay (though they tend to have special offers as well), and they give you a free drink per guest at their bar in the evening and complimentary breakfast in the morning. Plus, it's in a great location, walking-distance from many places in the downtown area.

Have you been to Buffalo? Comment some of your favorite things to do below!

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