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Best Apple Picking Near Boston

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Before this, I had never been apple picking before, so I really have nothing to base my experience on, but I must say, I was entertained the entire time! If you're looking for the best apple picking near Boston, keep reading for how to get to Shelburne Farms and what exactly to do there.

If you're coming from the city (without a car), you'll have to take the MBTA Commuter Rail to get there, and if you're going on the weekend, the good news is you can get an unlimited weekend pass for $10. The easiest starting point is the North Station; then you'll want to take the Fitchburg Line all the way to South Acton (~1 hour). From there, it's probably about a 10 minute Uber/Lyft ride to the farm: 106 W Acton Rd, Stow, MA 01775.

Reservations aren't necessary as the property is huge, but if you want to buy something specific from the store, I would call ahead. Their storefront had apple cider, apple cider donuts, caramel apples, kettle corn, pies, apple crisp, apple squares, peach bars and so much more. Plus, the orchard itself had, what seemed like, an endless amount of trees to pick from of all sorts of apple types.

The farm had peach, pumpkin and apple picking available. You just have pay for how much you want to pick at the front, then they give you the bag, and you're good to start picking!

Plus, the farm has live music, hayrides, farm animals and more!

Apple Prices: ~10lbs = $27 & ~20lbs = $38

Once you've picked all your apples and made it home, you're not done! You absolutely have to bake with them, and I 10/10 recommend this easy, old-fashioned apple crisp that pairs amazing with ice cream.

Have you been apple picking before? Share your experience below!

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