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Savannah, Georgia in 48 Hours

I've now been to Savannah, Georgia four different times, and all were extremely quick trips. Though I went in 2019 for 48-hour bachelorette trip, my most recent trip was actually done in 24 hours, and let me tell you, you can't fit it all in, but you can do/see a lot! Keep reading for some of my absolute favorite things to do in Savannah, places to eat in Savannah and so much more.

Best Places to Eat in Savannah, Georgia

  • The Collins Quarter—Though The Collins Quarter has two locations, I prefer the one located right in the center of Forsyth Park. They have a super fun drink menu, but their brunch is where they shine! Their salmon toast and avocado toast (as basic as they sound) are literally amazing (yes, I had to use the word literally).

  • Zunzi's—Located right next to Oglethorpe Square, Zunzi's is hands down one of the local's most prized possessions. This South African inspired restaurant brings a unique flare on "common" sandwiches, and while seemingly casual and simple, it's a fan-favorite. No visit to Zunzi's is complete without their famous conquistador sandwich and "shit yeah" sauce (the South African tea is really good too).

  • Cha Bella—This farm-to-table American restaurant makes some of the most amazing dishes you'd ever hope to taste! Cha Bella supports local farmers and fisherman and sources just about all their ingredients within a day's drive. They're only open for dinner, and they're widely loved so I recommend making a reservation.

  • The Olde Pink House—Situated right on the historic Reynolds Square, The Olde Pink House adds a beautifully elegant scene to some amazing Southern food. The restaurant really does feel like a house when you walk in, but it's much more upscale than a meal from home!

  • Sorry Charlie's Oyster Bar—Oysters are one of my favorite delicacies, and Sorry Charlie's gives you some pretty good oysters for pretty cheap. They also have a rooftop bar and "the bamboo room," which serves a pretty extensive list of tiki cocktails.

  • Pie Society—Located in City Market, Pie Society sells pies until they sell out. Their sweet pies are good, don't get me wrong, but their savory/meat pies are where they really shine!

Best Places to Drink in Savannah, Georgia

  • Common Restaurant Bar—This fun little gem is located right on Broughton street and makes just as amazing food as they do drinks! I had Common's take on loaded fries and their "improved CAP" (chatham artillery punch), which had black tea infused lemon oleo, cognac, whiskey, rum and sparkling wine—not a drink for the faint of heart, but delicious nonetheless.

  • American Prohibition Museum/Congress Street Up—Located in City Market, the American Prohibition Museum has, ironically enough, its own speakeasy called Congress Street Up. They serve higher scale takes on prohibition cocktail classics like the Chatham Artillery Punch. Yes, this is similar to the last drink I mentioned except the recipe for this one was made in 1770.

  • Peregrin—This chic rooftop lounge is located on top of the Perry Lane Hotel. Peregrin is the perfect place to grab a cocktail with friends and watch the sunset, plus, they have plenty of space for events and weddings if you're ever looking for a fun venue.

  • Mint to be Mojito Bar—This place makes a mean mojito, and I didn't just say that for the alliteration. Mint to be Mojito Bar is located very close to Telfair Square and has tons of mojito flavors! They even have a secret door in the back that will take you to a whole other seating area and bar.

  • MacPherson's Pub—You can't leave Savannah without visiting a pub (but you probably could leave without doing the whiskey tasting because that was a lot for me). MacPherson's Pub is one of several classic Scottish pubs in the area and it's located just off of Franklin Square.

Best Coffee in Savannah, Georgia

  • The Coffee Fox—Located right on Broughton Street, The Coffee Fox knows how to make some amazing espresso drinks. This craft coffee shop also has an awesome selection of pastries, craft beer and other fun brewing methods of coffee.

  • Origin Coffee Bar—Though I didn't actually get the chance to try a coffee beverage here (I was in the mood for a hot tea that afternoon), I have to say it does look absolutely amazing. Origin Coffee Bar has a minimalist aesthetic with a giant space (and they project TV shows like The Office onto one of their giant walls). Plus, I loved their take on a cinnamon pop-tart.

  • The Collins QuarterThe Collins Quarter is definitely more well-known for their brunch menu, but I really think their coffee menu shouldn't be missed. We got the cinnamon brown sugar latte and the Vietnamese iced coffee, and they were both amazing!

Best Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

  • Walking Food Tour with Savannah Taste Experience—The Savannah Taste Experience currently has four different walking food tours (First Squares Food Tour, Famous & Secret East Side Food Tour, Southern Fried Expectations Food Tour and Walktails & Bar Bites Happy Hour Tour), and they are all so well-crafted. Each tour takes you on 4-6 carefully curated locations, all within walking distance of each other. Not only will you get a great explanation of the establishment you're visiting, but you'll also get a mini history tour on your walk from place to place. If you're visiting Savannah in a short amount of time, these tours are a must to make sure you get to experience a little bit of everything that the town has to offer!

  • Mead tasting at Savannah Bee Company—From beauty to beverages and candles to straight up honey, the Savannah Bee Company has every honey-related product you could imagine. One of my favorite parts of exploring their shops is that you can actual do a mead tasting while you're there!

  • Ghost Brewery TourGhost City Tours is one of many touring companies that offer some of the more haunted touring experiences that Savannah is known for. Spooky stories aren't necessarily my thing, but when my friend begged to do a haunted pub crawl for her bachelorette, I couldn't say no, and I'm honestly glad I didn't. The stories were unexpectedly captivating, whether you believe it or not. Plus, we went in October so the pumpkin beers were all amazing!

  • Farmer's Market on Forsyth Park—Open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Forsyth Farmers' Market add such a fun local touch to a somewhat touristy area. It's also an amazing way to support local farmers!

  • Go to church at St. John the Baptist's Cathedral—Located on Lafayette Square, The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist is easily spotted from most places in Savannah. Most churches in the U.S. aren't this big or grand, you really have to go to other continents to find them like this. If you're open to experiencing new things, I definitely recommend attending mass here and if you're Catholic, you'll feel right at home!

Best Places to Stay in Savannah, Georgia

  • AirBnb | Moderate—As in most cities, AirBnb is a great way to feel like a local, staying in the heart of it all. I stayed in this 2 bedroom apartment on Broughton Street, and it was perfect for a smaller bachelorette party!

  • Mansion on Forsyth Park | LuxuryThe Mansion on Forsyth Park is definitely more up-scale and expensive; It's a part of the Kessler Collection of hotels, and every part of it is so well-thought-out. From an art gallery to cooking classes and afternoon tea to live music, this hotel has it all on top of normal experiences like a pool, restaurant, bar and spa.

Have you been to Savannah, Georgia before? Share your favorites below!

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