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Marrakech in 24 Hours

When I came back from Morocco, and everyone asked me the habitual "how was it?" question, all I could say was that the desert was pure magic and Marrakech was pure energy. At the center of Marrakech lies its' nucleus, the Medina—a flourishing, breathing, colorful labyrinth that consumes the town. My advice: go in confident and dressed the part (AKA look at the general directions of where you're going before leaving your riad and find a cute silk scarf to cover your hair). There's no laws in Morocco about female attire, but I can assure you, if you dress Moroccan, you will be bothered significantly less. I felt very safe as a solo female traveler here, but my maxi-length, mid-arm length sleeve, light blue dress and navy, silk, head-wrapped scarf had people speaking in Arabic to me.

Best food in Marrakech, Best Things to do in Marrakech + Best Places to Stay in Marrakech

  • Le Kilim—My very first stop after a long day of traveling, the traditional Moroccan breakfast at Le Kilim was exactly what I need. The veggie omlete, salad, basket of pastires, juice and coffee cost just $14 USD.

  • Le Jardin Secret—This stop came after five days traveling to, from and in the Sahara Desert, where I was delighted with a different version of Tajine and ramadan soup each evening—amazing nosh, but I was ready to shake things up, and the octopus from Le Jardin Secret did exactly that.

  • L'Mida Marrakech—This cute rooftop nestled in the middle of the Medina is the perfect stop to quickly escape the hustle & bustle of the markets. The front facade of L'Mida is a bit of a hole-in-a-wall, so I recommend downloading a map before hand but it's a great stop even if you're just looking for a juice, drink or coffee.

  • Cafe Des Espices—You can't miss this stop (I mean, it's actually hard to miss—there are signs throughout the Medina directing people to it's location because of its popularity). I went straight to the rooftop right when it opened one morning and sipped my cinnamon coffee as I watched the spice & straw market come to life below. Another well-priced Moroccan breakfast awaited me here.

  • Le Bain Bleu—Everything and everyone told me to make a reservation for a hammam treatment, but unfortunately, I just didn't know what time I was going to get back from the Sahara, and I really only had 24 hours in Marrakech, so I literally just walked into every spa until I found one with an opening for the next day. Luckily the lovely Le Bain Bleu had a morning opening, giving me just enough time for breakfast, spa and some shopping before I was off to the airport. Note: Hamman is a traditional Moroccan spa treatment that involves washing the entire body (aka your makeup will come off).

  • Riad Jardin SecretThis Riad was everything I wanted and more. Everything felt so intentionally curated—from the decor to the french moisturizer in the bathroom to the evening kettle of Moroccan mint tea. Reasonably priced and very well located in the Medina, I definitely recommend Riad Jardin Secret!

Have you been to Marrakech before? Share your experience in the comments below!

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