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Lima, Peru in 36 Hours

I'm Italian, and I spent a lot of time in Italy growing up, which basically means I have a very high bar when it comes to food. Lima far surpassed my high bar of cuisine expectations, and if that's not reason enough for you to visit, Peru is come to some of the most beautiful culture, welcoming people and temperate weather I've seen.

Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru

  • Mayta—This iconic 12-course tasting menu is what landed Mayta on the World's Top 50 Restaurants list. Each plate took you on a journey from the different altitudes of Peru, and each plate sent my taste buds for a delightful treat.

  • Barra MaretazoBarra Maretazo was the perfect lunch stop. Since it was our first time, they actually started us off with a complimentary appetizer. Plus, the menu had a sort of "you pick two" option for $12—you can see my choices of trout ceviches and seafood rice.

  • Perroquet Restaurant—Located inside the lovely Country Club Lima Hotel, Perroquet proved to be a delicious dinner full of Peruvian delacies as well as a fine breakfast buffet.

Best things to do in Lima, Peru

  • Coffee tasting at Terrua—We spent nearly 2 hours learning about coffee beach washing and roasting techniques and ultimately tasting about 6 different types of coffee from V60 pour overs to an orange cold brew. If you care at all about coffee, this is such a fun way to spent a morning/afternoon in Miraflores. You can find this exact activity here.

  • Pisco Sour making class at Country Club Lima—It would be a disservice to yourself to go to Peru without having a Pisco Sour, and lucky for you, I found the best one in Lima—located at Bar Ingles inside the Country Club Lima Hotel. Hint: their award-winning drink may or may not have an extra ounce of pisco in it.

  • Stroll through Miraflores—The trio of paintings, bag of coffee and yards of fabric I brought home from my time in Miraflores can all attest to the wonderful variety of shops you can find in the neighborhood.

Best Place to Stay in Lima, Peru

  • Country Club Lima Hotel—I'm biased because this is the only place I've stayed in Lima, but if you're only going to stay one place, I'm thinking this is the place. Nestled under the gloomy Peruvian sky, this pale yellow beauty has been a Lima staple since 1927. Though deceivingly titled, I truly think the Country Club Lima Hotel is much more about history and art than it is golf. Perhaps part of its charm comes the extra ounce of Pisco they pour in their Pisco Sours—making it the best (yes, the best) in Lima. Perhaps it’s from lining each hallway with mirrors, statues and furniture that are so ornate and beautifully curated, you feel like you’re walking through a museum more than a hotel. Or lacing each corridor with tiles imported straight from Spain. Perhaps it’s simply the people behind the desks, who so vividly care about this hotel and the Peruvian culture it embraces so much. Whatever it is, this hotel is one that should not be missed.

Have you been to Lima? Comment your favorites below!

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